3 tricks you did not know to optimize your new mobile

01 May

Merry Christmas! You get up, go to the living room, and you find the gifts. What smartphone have you given? We hope you have your new phone in your hands right now , and if not, what's better than doing a good new year reset to your phone to set it up again and leave it as if it had just come out of the box.

Today, we are going to give you the three best tricks to optimize your new mobile , and that is that we all want to optimize the Android that they have given us, or the one we already had before, do not you think?

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The best tricks to customize your new mobile

Adjust DPI

Activate Samsung developer settings change DPI

DPqué? The DPI, allow us to adjust the content of the size that we see on the screen . In general, IPRs come over 320, a value that makes everything look too big: icons, texts ... How do they affect you? In that, for example, if you have very low DPI, in applications such as WhatsApp, Telegram, Twitter or Gmail -among others-, which are designed to see a lot of content in a small space, you will see very little content , since everything is more large, fits less on the screen.

To adjust the DPI we go to the developer options, which are activated by pressing 7 times the compilation number . Once inside, look for the DPI section (smaller width), and change it to 411, which is one of the most suitable sizes, and the one that most Custom ROMs carry. You will see how everything is now a little smaller, and you can see the content much better.

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Download the animations

Samsung Galaxy Note8, raffle

Android is not iOS, and even though your mobile has a customization layer, animations are not your strong point. Generally, in Android we look for performance and speed, not that the system is the most beautiful in the world, so we are going to download the animations so that the mobile flies .

For this, we go back to the developer options and look for the animations (window animation, transition-animation, animator duration). Now, we will set them to 0.5X, so they will be twice as fast, and you will notice quite how the operation changes.

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Configure the system UI

Notifications bar in Nougat

The UI configurator is probably the most unknown Android option, but one of the most useful. On mobile phones with Android Stock we must leave the gear icon of the settings pressed for 3 seconds . Once done, from the mobile settings we can access the UI configurator, which allows several things.

  • In mobile phones with no battery percentage, you can activate it inside the icon

  • Allows you to configure notifications levels

  • Specific settings for do not disturb mode

  • Allows you to move or hide items in the notification bar

As you can see, it allows you to personalize your mobile in a comfortable way , even if it is somewhat hidden. We hope you liked these tricks, they are not too well known, and I hope they have helped you. As always, any questions, we will attend you so that you remain calm.

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