What is the best class at Fortnite, what's new at Epic Games?

13 Feb

Fortnite has all the ballots to become a new multiplayer success and to be able to succeed in their games it will be necessary to select well with what kind of character to play. With the aim that you can find more easily the character that best suits your tastes, we have created this Fortnite guide in which we explain what is the best class of the game of Epic Games . Below we will detail what are the main characteristics of each class and when it is better to use each of them. But first, we invite you to know much more about the multiplayer title with our analysis of Fortnite.


The Constructor is the most recommended class to start playing Fortnite. As its name indicates, it is the class responsible for building and strengthening the fort, something fundamental at all times in Fortnite Free V Bucks. If you want to win the games, it will be necessary for you to have a well-built fort rather than a great offensive power. In addition, the Constructor also possesses mass control and sand damage skills, although it is the slowest when it comes to attacking.

But the best of all is that the Constructor can create holographic figures to lower the cost of everything that is built inside, so it allows you to build the fort faster. Of course, everything that is built by a character in the Constructor class will have more resistance, making enemies take much longer to tear down the structure. And for his little off, this class deals damage to all enemies that enter the base zone automatically.


The Globetrotter class is also very useful in Fortnite, although not as recommendable to start as the Constructor class. The characters in this class are specialized in survival and in the collection of resources, but they also have some skills to build and fight, which makes their use more complex.

But if you are not afraid to explore the world of Fortnite and to use the Wanderer from the beginning, you can use advantages such as improving the collection of resources, exploration and statistics of the character, in addition to increasing by 20% the possibility of finding double prize In addition, the Wanderers can increase the damage of their weapons by 10% in exchange for reducing their health by 20% and causing the weapons of collection to cause more damage after 5 impacts.


It is another class highly recommended to start playing, although we prefer the Constructor class. The Soldiers are combat - oriented characters directly, capable of carrying heavy and long - range weapons. This class can concentrate all the damage on a specific enemy for a limited time, so it can kill the toughest creatures on its own.

In addition, it can make grenades and mines, which gives great offensive power to the group for when enemies begin to reach the fort. But the best thing is that if you manage to kill an enemy with a shot in the head, it will increase the ratio of fire of the character of the soldier class. In short, if what is yours is more action than strategy, the soldier class is yours.


The Ninja class may be more complete at the offensive level than the FortniteSoldier class , but it can also be more complex and less recommendable to start (although it is ideal for advanced players). Ninja characters are very mobile and agile and also have good skills in the melee. This class has the option to perform double jumps and causes additional damage with each consecutive hit, being able to increase the force of the impact up to seven times.

In addition, the Ninja class has several objects that allow you to attack more easily as a smoke bomb that stuns monsters, a propellant charge that causes Hack Fortnite kostenlose V Bucks massive damage or three shurikens that can be launched at medium range. As if that were not enough, Ninja characters are transformed into a shadow when they kill an enemy, reducing the damage received by rival attacks temporarily.

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